Stress and Work Life Balance Checklist


Being a Lifestyle and Nutrition Coach with a background in Biochemistry and business, I help people, especially women, manage work life balance through better choices on a day by day basis.  I empower women to manage their stress levels so they can enjoy life and work as an extension of their authentic self. Imagine being equally as present and confident in the Boardroom as you are with your husband and children. Or feeling that you are completely enough in what you achieve each and everyday. This is my definition of work life balance.


There is nothing worse than that constant feeling of rushing to catch up with the clock all day, trying to fit everything in, keep everyone happy, prove you can handle it all, and then get home in time to do all the regular wifely and motherly duties – with love of course! What’s for dinner? Where’s my clean shirt? Can you drive me to the …..?


I get it. Been there for years.

What changed?I learnt at the age of 49 that my life is 100% my responsibility and I have been on the personal growth path ever since. My personal growth path just to be clear. I am applying new thoughts and behaviours and developing new skills consistently enough to form new habits. My life is truly changing for the better and I am pumped!


So what about you?Are you ready to try something new? Or try again with a fresh attitude? This is key. Its vital that you believe that what you do and say matters and the new choices you make are going to create successful change that you like. Work Life balance requires new decisions.


Here are my top tips that reduce stress and give me more energy and can-do mindset:

  1. Daily exercise – 30 minutes minimum
  2. Daily anti-oxidants, adaptogens, telomere supporting botanicals and balanced quality nutrition to supplement regular food
  3. Morning meditation – 10 minutes minimum
  4. Make conscious choices about what I do each day – I take responsibility for my actions. I hand over the responsibility of outcomes to the Universe – this is fundamental to reduce stress
  5. Work with a specialist mentor for guidance and accountability
  6. Daily self development through reading, listening to podcasts, interacting with like-minded supportive people
  7. Write a daily schedule and follow it – factor in down time
  8. Weekly to do goals
  9. 30,60 90 day action plan with clear intention on goals
  10. Express gratitude daily and remind yourself that you love yourself and you are lovable.


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