Mindset Money and Menopause….5 Ways to Snap Out of “Poor Me”


So you have reached 40 or beyond already! What have you got planned for the next 40 years of your life?

Existing day by day? Wait and see how things pan out? Living your life through your kids? They grow up – now what? How is your waistline? Energy levels? Can’t be bothered? Expecting your Super and the Pension to look after you when you retire? Have you determined your lifestyle cost once the income stops? Too old to get another paid role?

And what about your inner sense of meaning – are you living on Purpose right now? Is there a drive to contribute to the world, but you are not sure exactly how? And the list goes on. It usually reaches a critical point some time after we turn 40. I know it certainly did for me and many of my thoughts were keeping me very sad and small for many years. I’m so glad I found my way out and now live from a place of light and love most of the time.

Here are 5 big bad beliefs that stop women from living in Passion, Purpose and Power:

  1. I’m too old to change
  2. Fat and frumpy is normal with the change of life – the dreaded menopause
  3. Losing energy and MOJO as I age is just how it is
  4. If I leave my job now I won’t get another one at the same level at my age
  5. If I don’t tick all the boxes / I don’t believe that I am good enough, so I won’t get the promotion / new man / own business / bigger more fulfilling life…….

These can all be wrapped up in one word – FEAR.

A lot of people don’t have the courage to face their fears. They choose to live “in denial,” or what Henry David Thoreau called “lives of quiet desperation.” And you know, it is actually a choice each and every one of us makes. Even if you’re not consciously aware, on some level, you know more about what you’re doing, and why, than you probably realize.

Here are 5 things that you can do, right now, to start living in your Passion instead of waiting for the Pension:

  1. Decide to step into your Power now. Make that decision and commitment to yourself today.
  2. Reconnect your head with your heart. What makes you truly happy? What are your values and dreams today? Ask yourself: What am I born to experience and contribute, in my lifetime? What gives my life meaning?
  3. Do new things that are loving, inspiring and challenging. Watch how your energy changes. What happens to your headspace as your beliefs change naturally to “can-do” and “moving towards” thoughts, as new ideas and possibilities unfold.
  4. Detox your body and your work life. Participate in new communities who are growing and changing and share common values. Watch your confidence, enthusiasm, willingness to contribute and creativity soar!
  5. Welcome the feeling of free falling in the Unknown Zone. Change cannot happen whilst we are comfortable.

Get into action, ignore the fears, deal with the blocks and love your day. See how life starts to change for you.

If you find value in this article it’s likely your friends will too – and they will thank you for sharing it with them. Get together and recreate your futures! You deserve it and your family will thrive around your renewed spirit and can-do life.

Comment, like and share below. And if you would like a deeper dive into all this, book in for a 30 minute strategy call with me. I will gladly offer my perspective on how you can move forward faster – and I look forward to sharing the journey of your Life Change with you.