Lost Your MOJO? 5 Powerful Keys to Fire Up Your Life


Does your MOJO feel like the lint collecting in the filter of your dryer? Dry, tired and useless? Do you find yourself fantasising about the good old days of excitement, anticipation, desire and passion? Maybe you simply crave for some good old fashioned cuddles and chit-chat about not much.

I know exactly what you mean – and I can help you recharge all that fun stuff. I have been there. I know that craving. I know that longing. I understand what it means to have that switch turn off like a blackout in your soul. I can find your switch and move you from Black to Red hot, sassy, sexy Lady!

MOJO, as defined by the Oxford Dictionary is: A magic charm, talisman or spell, “someone must have their MOJO working over at the record company.” Influence, especially magic power.

What causes you to take the action that someone recommends? “Ohhh if Mrs Jones is doing it, it must be good. If you say that it’s worthwhile, count me in!”

And doesn’t it seem as if people like that, those people who ooze confidence and influence, also happen to be happy and often live a life of ‘having it all’?

How about you?

How are your energy levels? Engaged? Excited? Powering through your day?

What is this magic power of MOJO or Influence? And, most importantly, do you have it?

What would it feel like to have more of it? Do you think you might feel a bit more bulletproof? – water off a duck’s back when you are living from a place of confidence and certainty? I know I absolutely do – and I would love to help you do the same.

Here are 5 things that you can do to invigorate your MOJO right away:

Key #1 Honesty

Get completely honest with yourself – what do you really want to have, be, do – and who do you want to share this with? What lights you up right now? Do you have that now? Who is the authentic, vulnerable you? Take off the masks – the mother, the wife, the girlfriend. The busy powerful boss, the not so powerful bored employee etc.

Key #2 Focus

Focus on WIIFM that is, What’s In It For Me right now. What are my interests and needs? How well do I understand what I really want? What are my core values and drivers?

As women, entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, teachers, parents, friends – many of us are naturally gifted with the ability to be there for others. It vital that we do not ignore our own needs and put others first. We must always put the oxygen mask on ourselves first. This is important and helps us to influence others. We are so much more effective, in helping others take positive action to make positive change in their lives, when we are the shining example in our own lives.

Key #3 Get into the Unknown Zone

Challenge your individual status quo – not the family’s, not the marriage’s – Your own status quo. Ask yourself to consider the impact of NOT taking action – how will this impact you, in 5 years time, if you don’t take action, right now?

The definition of insanity – Keeping on doing the same thing and expecting different results –if nothing changes nothing changes.

Key #4 New Dreams and New Actions

Create a Vision board for yourself – not the family, just you and your vision for yourself. Write a list of exactly what you are doing, when you are living a life where you have a MOJO level of 10/10 everyday – what does your body look and feel like? What exercise do you love to do? Where are you living? What is your emotional and sexual intimacy like?

Key #5 Mentor/Coach

Get help to fast track your own personal discovery process and re-invigoration of what you are born to experience. I believe that we all have Joyous, Happy and Free genes in our DNA – but life takes its course and often those genes don’t get to be fully expressed. We can change this at any time. Science shows that happiness is 50% genetic, 40% thoughts and emotions and 10% circumstance. Science is also proving that DNA expression is influenced by lifestyle, stress and nutrition – so that means we have 90% chance of doing things differently and getting it right. Your MOJO can indeed be brought back to life.

Its up to you.

How quickly do you want to fire up your MOJO and reclaim your Passion Power and Purpose?

Do you want to make more of a positive influence in your community?

Best gift to yourself and your loved ones  for sure!

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