Dreams – 8 steps to Believe and Achieve what you really want.

It’s the end of another work week. Sitting on the train, I scroll through various social media sites on my iphone, listening to a free podcast about a successful young couple in action about changing their lives. What am I looking for? How am I feeling? Where is my head focussed? What do I need to get done before the day is out – what messages and tasks are most important now?

Today I am really focussed on designing my ideal life and working out exactly what I love doing so I can do more of it. I want to be wealthy and heart-centred. I want to leverage my efforts to produce an income and not simply trade time for money everyday. I want an abundance of money and time to live the lifestyle I want. And importantly I want my work to add value and meaning to other people’s lives. I want my work to not feel like work because I love it so much. This is what freedom looks like for me. Here are some tips I have learnt on my journey toward freedom so far:

1.The Questions you ask determine what you get

What does success look like for you?

What is happening for you when you are engaged and inspired and confident?

What gives you value and meaning?

What can you do to get from where you are today to where you want to be?

I am learning a lot of new things as I open myself up to new possibilities. I am in the unknown zone right now where I have been doing the same type of corporate role for some 25 years. At the same time I am expanding my career as a coach and social entrepreneur. To be honest, I feel like I’m fumbling a lot of the time. I have coaching support, re-do vision boards regularly, write and rewrite action plans and goals, practice visualisations, do daily personal and professional development.

2. Believe in Yourself and have Faith in the Universe

Do you believe you can change your life? Importantly, why do you want to change it? Belief and clarity of purpose are absolute musts for successful sustained change.

I am leveraging my corporate business experience where I trade time for money and am finding ways to satisfy this innate drive to become a financially  successful global entrepreneur and community change-maker.

I read a message today that said: “There is no right way or wrong way to get your message out there – just get it out there”. That is such a relief for me. My content does not have to be perfect. I simply need to start, do, review and keep doing! And most importantly I must believe and trust that what I am doing is leading to meaningful change. What I am doing is going to work – it is working already – It just does not always look exactly how I would like it to. That is the challenge. That is where I need faith. If your beliefs are not supporting your dreams – get help to change those beliefs. All the action in the world will not bring you what you want if you don’t believe you can have it.

3.Clarity – What exactly do you want? What is your Dream?

Working out exactly what you want and the process to get it takes time and effort. Developing a crystal clear picture about What and Why you want change is Step 1. Decide on the reason you want change. It needs to be a strong emotional and visual connection to what this change will do for your life. See it and feel it. Do you have a secret dream you have not yet achieved in your life? Do you want to be a singer? Actor? Own your own global company? Lose 10 Kgs? Be a full-time mother? There is no limit to the things we can want. What is key here is – Decide what you want. And does that make you feel excited when you think about it and imagine it?

4.Connect with your Passion

Steve Jobs was renowned for saying don’t settle for mediocrity – keep searching till you find what you are passionate about. If you are not passionate about what you want you will not have the perseverance to keep going when challenges occur. This is vital because when the original excitement and motivation wears off and the doubts, fears and negative self-sabotaging thoughts come in when perhaps results are not manifesting as quickly as you would like. This is vital that you remind yourself of your WHY as this gets you reconnected and recommitted and able to stay in action. If there is no real penalty or loss by not staying committed most of us do fall off our path and slip back to where we were before we were inspired about creating a new reality.

From my experience when I am not clear on what I want to achieve and by when and have an action plan in place I get lost along the way. Then I start suffering “shiny object syndrome”. And that is excruciating! Comparing my insides with other people’s outsides has to be one of the most painful states I know. The inner critic is running the show big time!

And this is when the cynicism and passive aggressive behaviour starts to sabotage all that good positive mindset. Now nothing feels like it’s working and I want to run and quit.

5.Get your message out – Share yourself

Producing content like this to get my message out and be seen and heard feels hard when I’m not on top of things. I’ve been encouraged to write about my journey as the experience may be helpful to others looking to move from where they are to somewhere new. Is it a new career? New business? New identity? New friendships and community?

What I am starting to do now as I clarify my passion and purpose, is to find ways to do things in my corporate role that feed my values and give me a greater sense of meaning and connection and contribution. Simply taking a few steps to explore such options has created a whole new sense of excitement and gratitude. I am now speaking my mind with confidence and clarity and am creating more value for myself and my team.

This renewed energy and attitude is flowing through to my entrepreneurial pursuits. I am feeling more integrated, aligned and successful already.

Magic happens when we speak up, share and take action.

6.Positive Change requires curiosity and tenacity 

Whilst the desire for change often starts with a stirring in the heart, it requires a curious and tenacious mindset to convert the stirring into an idea and a project. Then its time for action and more action. Do the do till you get there! (And keep your belief positive).

7. Keep your personal Dream alive everyday

Your commitment to do at least one thing everyday toward making your dream a reality is key. Help yourself stay focussed by visualising and feeling how you imagine its going to feel when you achieve this thing. Nobody can steal your dream – if you lose it – it’s because you have not done enough to keep the vision alive long enough  for it to manifest. Now dreams without action are hallucinations – so don’t make the mistake of kidding yourself that you are working toward it when you are not. That will definitely make you crazy and bitter and depressed. Poor me…..Yuk.

8.You can do it – those who believe can achieve!

Mindset and positive change to create freedom and choice is absolutely my favourite topic. I love working with people to define what their dreams are and provide them with a vehicle to achieve what they really want. If you have liked this article, do share it with friends. And reach out to me if you would like to share your dream with me and see how we can make it happen together.