Flying High at 40? Fire Up Your Passion Purpose & Power in 7 Steps in 7 Days



Is this it?

Are you living at your full potential right now? Are you happy, joyous and free?

Or are you like me and many other busy multi-tasking women today: tired, frustrated, lost your MOJO, working on automatic pilot, too busy to change, no time to take proper care of your own needs, because everyone else comes first.

And suddenly you hit 40! OMG – where has the first half of my life gone?

Most of us are too busy surviving and not thriving – that was definitely me when I turned 40.

I was working hard in corporate sales being treated harshly by a demanding boss, not being present or available for my family and hating my body which had blown out by around 15 kg. Stress and disillusionment were killing me. So I know how bad it feels.

If you are not where you thought you would be – I totally get you! I was supposed to be retired and living a life of the rich and famous, after 25 years of solid effort in a corporate business career but I was still slogging away – somehow I just felt that nothing was quite enough and I could not put my finger on exactly what was missing.

Well I am very pleased to tell you – there is a different way. Yes that’s right, you can change this, and create a lifestyle you truly love. I am doing it and I would love to help you too.

Here are 7 things that you can do, right now, that will start shifting your energy on a daily basis, toward Passion, Purpose and Power:

Step #1  

Name your top 3 passions. What are the 3 most exciting things that light you up right now? (Eg Fun, travel, health, spirituality, career, family, freedom, creativity, fitness.) When thinking about what makes your heart sing, when you are happy, when was the last time you were laughing so much you thought you would burst like a balloon! What would it look like? Sound like? And feel like to be totally engaged and excited with your life everyday?

Choose 3 things that you can do, every single day, that brings these passions to life? What actions make these passions real for you?

Step #2  

Name the CRAP; the things that stop you from having / feeling / doing these passions every day. These letters stand for:

* Conflict

* Resistance

* Anxiety

* Problems

Can you think of a time where you may have rubbed someone up the wrong way, or can you identify a pattern with someone where things don’t come out right, or you come away feeling put down or irritated? These are the sorts of things in life that cause conflict resistance, anxiety and problems. Everyone has them you know, its just that if you deal with the feelings inside yourself, the problems don’t seem to get in the way so much. Here’s something you can do:

Decide on at least one behaviour that is opposite for each of these things that are robbing you of joy. For instance: You are sick of working overtime and have been putting off telling your boss that you are no longer answering phone calls or emails outside work hours. An opposite action to this would be to set a date in a week or two to talk to your boss, and make the appointment with him to do so. In the mean time talk to a trusted friend or mentor about how to best approach your boss. You still feel afraid and are taking positive action to get your needs met and with support. This will give you a different energy and change how you feel from victim to empowered.

Step #3  

Decide on one important thing to work towards, or to change in your life, in the next 90 days from today. Decide what success looks and feels like. What is it that will give you that feeling of Passion, Purpose and Power? Name the actions that you will take every day, to achieve it.

Step #4  

Decide on the financial cost to you, to NOT achieve that thing in the next 90 days. For example, start by putting a daily value on your life of $2K per day. So, for every day that you are not in action toward the thing that you said would give you Passion Purpose and Power, you are losing $2K.Watch how your perspective changes when you put a $ value on your time. Time is Life. Make the most of it.

Step #5  

Commit to this goal. Write it down. Write an action plan to get you there. Share the goal, and the plan, with someone who cares about you achieving it.

Step #6  

Ask for help from a peer or a mentor, who cares about you achieving the goal, to keep you accountable, on a daily basis.

Step # 7  

Believe that you deserve abundance, joy, happiness and freedom and can manifest it in your life. The Universe needs to know this to know exactly what to deliver.

Try this for the 7 days and let me know how you go – what changes do you notice in your energy, and thoughts, as the week unfolds. Write it down. Do comment below.

If you like this article and it is helpful to you, it’s likely your friends will too. Our success grows much faster and bigger when we work in teams, so why not take this on, together with your friends, and see how rapidly you can bring more Passion, Purpose and Power into your day right away.

Take action Now!

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