Five Tips to Achieve your Goals – Grow yOur Abundant Life

I speak to a lot of people who simply are not achieving the goals they set for themselves. This creates frustration and stress. Sustained stress on a regular basis is a serious health hazard and often leads to depression. Depression affects 1/5 people, cancer 1/3 and heart disease is also 1/3 people. I’m not saying…

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Dreams – 8 steps to Believe and Achieve what you really want.

dreams-believe and acheive blog

It’s the end of another work week. Sitting on the train, I scroll through various social media sites on my iphone, listening to a free podcast about a successful young couple in action about changing their lives. What am I looking for? How am I feeling? Where is my head focussed? What do I need…

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Tips to create more self-love and happiness. You matter.


Chatting with some very dear friends today and I mentioned my running experience this morning. I don’t always feel like going out for a morning run especially when its cold – but I do it because I have committed to myself that I will do a minimum of 20 minutes exercise everyday. I don’t like…

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Feeling invisible? How to create confidence and charisma naturally!


What do you want to be when you grow up? Were you one of these kids who knew exactly what to answer when the grown-ups asked you this? Were you like my sister who knew from a very young age that she had a passion for writing, or did you see yourself as a doctor,…

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Stress and Work Life Balance Checklist


  Being a Lifestyle and Nutrition Coach with a background in Biochemistry and business, I help people, especially women, manage work life balance through better choices on a day by day basis.  I empower women to manage their stress levels so they can enjoy life and work as an extension of their authentic self. Imagine…

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Lost Your MOJO? 5 Powerful Keys to Fire Up Your Life


  Does your MOJO feel like the lint collecting in the filter of your dryer? Dry, tired and useless? Do you find yourself fantasising about the good old days of excitement, anticipation, desire and passion? Maybe you simply crave for some good old fashioned cuddles and chit-chat about not much. I know exactly what you…

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Mindset Money and Menopause….5 Ways to Snap Out of “Poor Me”


  So you have reached 40 or beyond already! What have you got planned for the next 40 years of your life? Existing day by day? Wait and see how things pan out? Living your life through your kids? They grow up – now what? How is your waistline? Energy levels? Can’t be bothered? Expecting…

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Flying High at 40? Fire Up Your Passion Purpose & Power in 7 Steps in 7 Days


    Is this it? Are you living at your full potential right now? Are you happy, joyous and free? Or are you like me and many other busy multi-tasking women today: tired, frustrated, lost your MOJO, working on automatic pilot, too busy to change, no time to take proper care of your own needs,…

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